Easter Sunday, March 31 Luke 24:1-12

Canon Bonnie-Marie Yager-Wiggan

When was the last time you watched a sunrise? In the darkest of night, when despair seems to linger, the first glimmer of light breaks the horizon, illuminating the sky. It’s a moment of hope, a sign that darkness cannot overcome the dawn.

In the Easter story, we witness a similar phenomenon—the breaking of light into the darkness of a sinful world. With Jesus’ resurrection, the empty tomb becomes a beacon of hope, signaling the triumph of life over death, light over darkness.

Just as the sunrise marks the end of the night, Easter marks the beginning of a new era. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ heralds the dawn of redemption and renewal. It’s a turning point in history, where sin and death are conquered, and hope is restored.

In the empty tomb, we find the promise of a brighter tomorrow. The light that shines forth from the risen Christ dispels every shadow of doubt and despair. It’s a reminder that God’s love knows no bounds and His power knows no limits.

As we celebrate Easter, let us embrace the reality of the risen Savior. The dawn of resurrection assures us that nothing is impossible with God. The darkness of sin and shame is vanquished, replaced by the radiant light of grace and forgiveness. Easter invites us to step into the brilliance of God’s love and to live as children of the light. Let us walk in the truth of Christ’s victory, knowing that His resurrection ensures our ultimate triumph over every trial and tribulation.

Today, as we behold the sunrise of Easter morning, may our hearts be filled with joy and gratitude. The dawn has come, and darkness will never prevail again. Let us bask in the warmth of God’s eternal light and share His love with a world in need of hope and healing.

Fr. Aidan is the Dean of Trinity Cathedral. He’s been married to Mel for 16 years and takes responsibility for the two incredibly cute but loud kids at church (Felicity, 6, and Solomon, 3). The Smiths also have a geriatric, one-eyed dog named Coho from Aidan’s hometown in northwestern Alaska.

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