Friday, March 15 | Luke 17:20-37

The Very. Rev. Aidan Smith

In Luke 17:20-37, Jesus explains the nature of God’s kingdom. To the Pharisees’ inquiry about its arrival, Jesus reveals that the kingdom is not what we might first expect. The Kingdom of God actually dwells within believers, shaping hearts and transforming lives. It’s a spiritual reality, not confined to earthly constraints.

At the same time, Jesus warns against misplaced expectations and distractions. Just as in the days of Noah and Lot, when people were preoccupied with mundane affairs, so too can we be ensnared by worldly concerns, missing the signs of God’s kingdom breaking through. He urges us to abandon attachments hindering our devotion and to prioritize our relationship with Him.

In a world filled with temptations and temporal allurements, it’s easy to lose sight of the eternal. Yet, Jesus reminds us that His kingdom is both within and ahead, beckoning us to embrace its reality and live expectantly for His return.

May we fix our gaze on the unseen kingdom, nurturing its growth within us and living in anticipation of Christ’s glorious appearing. Let us heed His call to vigilant faithfulness, for in His kingdom, we find true fulfillment and everlasting joy.

Fr. Aidan is the Dean of Trinity Cathedral. He’s been married to Mel for 16 years and takes responsibility for the two incredibly cute but loud kids at church (Felicity, 6, and Solomon, 3). The Smiths also have a geriatric, one-eyed dog named Coho from Aidan’s hometown in northwestern Alaska.

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