Friday, March 17 | Mark 12:28-34

Joe Macklin

We are called to repentance at all times, but we rightfully place heavy emphasis on turning from our old ways and being reconciled to God and our neighbors during the penitential season of Lent. Jesus tells us that, above all else, the most important thing we can do as humans and as Christians is love abundantly, which is certainly easier said than done. Love requires commitment and sacrifice, and as imperfect beings, we often miss the mark when it comes to giving of ourselves and thanking God for the good gifts we enjoy in this life. For instance, we may find ourselves celebrating wealth more than we rejoice in the name of the One who gives, and in turn we might start thinking that we’re higher and mightier than those who have relatively little to give. God gives us the opportunity during this season to reorient our hearts with his help.

Lent is a time for self-examination and spiritual renewal. We are called to examine our lives, to confess our sins, and to make a sincere effort to turn away from the things that separate us from God. May this season be a time of grace and growth as we seek to deepen our love for God and others.

Joe Macklin serves as an acolyte at Trinity Cathedral. He’s lived in Pittsburgh for almost nine years and enjoys long walks and his cat, Grayson.