Good Friday, March 29 | Luke 23:13-49

Dean Aidan Smith

Today is Good Friday, a day that seems paradoxically named. We pause to remember the suffering and death of Jesus, the embodiment of God’s love in human form. He endured rejection, torture, and the agony of crucifixion, the worst humanity could inflict.

But why call it Good Friday? It confronts us with the realities we’d rather forget—betrayal, abandonment, violence, and death. It’s a day that challenges our understanding of goodness.

Yet, in facing the horror of the cross, we find hope. We don’t turn away from the violence; instead, we see in it the profound depth of God’s love. Jesus willingly bore our sin and suffering, offering redemption and reconciliation.

Through Jesus’ death, we confront the reality of our mortality and sin. Yet, Good Friday isn’t the end of the story. It points to Easter Sunday, where death is defeated, and new life begins.

In the midst of pain and suffering, Jesus invites us to embrace life—to live in His kingdom of love and peace. Good Friday reveals the transformative power of God’s love, turning darkness into light and death into life.

As we reflect on the cross, may we respond to Jesus’ invitation to live fully in His love and grace. Today, even in the shadow of death, let us embrace the hope and goodness found in Christ.

Fr. Aidan is the Dean of Trinity Cathedral. He’s been married to Mel for 16 years and takes responsibility for the two incredibly cute but loud kids at church (Felicity, 6, and Solomon, 3). The Smiths also have a geriatric, one-eyed dog named Coho from Aidan’s hometown in northwestern Alaska.

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