Monday, March 18 | Luke 18:1-8

Madison Canales

I frequently shop at thrift stores, and my favorite aisles are the housewares. I love to collect vintage dishes and trinkets for my home—it’s honestly becoming a bit of a problem—and there’s always a lot of signs with motivational quotes or Bible verses on these store shelves. The first verse of today’s reading shows up on a lot of home de cor: pray often, and never give up. Some of the most powerful, life-changing advice in the Bible has been reduced to a platitude that can be displayed on a shelf in the bathroom next to a candle and towels.

It feels so simple to pray often and never give up, but how effectively are we doing that? I know I’m not. It feels easier sometimes to skip personal prayer, and to quit the hard things. Despite taking what seems the easy way out, having a lacking prayer life leaves me feeling alone and quitting before it gets too tough has certainly prevented me from reaching some truly great heights. In this parable, Jesus tells us directly the fruit of prayer and perseverance—and if you’re familiar with the teachings of Jesus, you know that directness isn’t always his style. It’s clear that he wants us to really take the message of this parable along with us: God will grant justice to his children who call on him in prayer and perseverance, and he does not delay in helping us.

Today, let’s accept Jesus’s invitation to pray and never give up, so that “when the Son of Man comes…he will find faith on the Earth.” Lent is a great time to form new habits and break old ones. Infuse more prayer into your daily life. Look to the times where God has answered your prayers, and trust that he will continue to do so because he loves you. If you have to put up a sign in your home to remember this, do it! The thrift store has plenty to choose from.

Madison Canales is the office manager at Trinity Cathedral. She lives in Carrick with her two cats and a dog. When she’s not working, Madison enjoys quilting, crocheting, and watching artsy films.

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