Monday, March 4 | Luke 13:31-35

Elaine Zevkovich

In this gospel reading, I was struck most by the determination of Jesus to continue to walk in the direction of Jerusalem even in the face of the religious leaders telling him that his life was in danger. He knew his path and would not be deterred.

I often stray from God’s path. As life’s difficulties are thrown at me, as I question God’s love for me, I often find it hard to stay on the path of loving God and knowing that he loves me, no matter what. I wonder if it was the divine part of Jesus that enabled him to continue to walk his path, even knowing that it would end in his crucifixion.

It seems unbelievable to me that his human side would have had the courage and strength to continue knowing what he was walking towards. But he trusted God just like I need to remind myself to trust God, even when I’m not sure if the path I am walking on is true.

Elaine has been a member of Trinity Cathedral for more than 4 years and serves as Altar Guild Director and on Executive Committee and Chapter.

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