Tuesday, March 21 | John 5:1-18

Mark Guy

Strange Seeing

Do I want to get well? I don’t receive it as an offer of hope, but as an accusation, so I get defensive. “I really am trying, but this is hard stuff. I’ve been at it 38 years. Lame, run over by my community – honest, I’ve tried!” My hope in the pool, in my ability to get there, in life, in my people, has worn so thin that it has become a mockery and a tease. So I mistake His seeing me as the same.

Then, without further questions or answers, His compassion becomes a command and I am made well.

‘Who told you that you could pick up that mat?” REALLY!? That is what you see? You don’t see my newly granted soundness? The relief? The wholeness? I was an invalid – (not valid) and now I am whole. The pool is surrounded by the blind, the lame, and the paralyzed.

“Stop sinning, or something worse may happen to you” Wow. What does He see now? Why would He say that? How on earth could something be worse than what I’ve been through? How might my healing and new “validity” set me up to become separate from Him? There is a real danger here that He is warning me about.

May the spirit grant us the ability to see and give ourselves to His kingdom.

Mark and Christine Guy have been attending Trinity for nearly 2 years. They have grown children and 􀀁ind encouragement and nourishment in this faith home.