Wednesday, February 21 | Luke 10:38-42

Peg Calder

This is the story where Martha is busy with preparations and her sister Mary sits at the Lord’s feet. Martha asks the Lord to tell Mary to help with the preparations.

But Jesus says that Mary has chosen the one thing that is needed. I couldn’t have been given a more perfect passage to test my faith. I have wrestled over this one in the past. It brings up a number of situations in my life where I have been doing all the preparations and the others were socializing and enjoying themselves.

The difference between my real life situations and the Bible passage of course, is that none of my friends and family are Jesus. Mary was not simply being a good hostess and socializing: she is listening to the Word of the Lord.

After consulting various Bibles and commentary, there is also a broader message which I had completely missed.

We all get so busy prioritizing preparations that we miss out on taking time for prayer, devotions, and reading and reflecting on the Bible.

Sometimes time spent with the Lord is exclusive; however, it can often also be included with preparations. I personally see angels guiding me everywhere. Some task is prevented which turns out to be a good thing, or some dreaded task is suddenly made easier by an unseen, unanticipated circumstance.

Busyness does not always come at the expense of devotion. Concentrated devotions, however, are without busyness.

Peg has been a member of Trinity Cathedral for about 4 years. She has been devoting time to the Foundation for Alcoholism Research since 2007. In her later retirement, she began learning to play the harp, and it is a daily part of her life.

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