Wednesday, March 22 | John 5:19-23

Christine Guy

Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing. He did not do anything on his own accord. He watched to see what the Father was up to, and then joined him in that work.

Too often we can spend our energies and focus formulating plans, creating programs, gathering resources, etc., and then after all of that is done, ask the Lord to bless the endeavor that we are about to go on. By the time we start engaging with God, our prayers become all about hoping that God will join us in our human efforts.

For those that are go-getters, it will certainly take some discipline to slow yourself down and settle into a posture that is willing to see what is from the Father and to let go of that which is not. In the end, however, any work that is not God’s work will fall away. Any effort that is not initiated by God will eventually fail. It is the work of God that brings glory to God.

Take a step back in your life and ask the Holy Spirit to show you where God is at work…. in your relationships, in your neighborhood, in our church. And as he reveals that to you, may you join him wherever he is at!

Christine Guy has been attending Trinity Cathedral since September 2021. She is a certified Physician Assistant and a Spiritual Director.